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for 17,000 dollars, you could buy 486 dildos shaped like Barack Obama


Jeez if I had a dollar for every ball pit joke being made right now I think I’d have $17,000.

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You seem to really not like DashCon. Is it, like, the worst-of-the-worst con? (I really don't know, the only ones I properly know of are ones like SDCC and NYCC)




DashCon is a first-year fandom convention for Tumblr users. It is happening this weekend and turning into possibly the largest convention kerfuffle anyone has ever seen.

The list continues but so far it’s only the con’s second day and it is quite literally the most dramatic, hysterically cringe-worthy convention debacle I have ever seen unfold.

Adding some updates as of 7/12 at 7:35 PM EST:

  • The game room consists of some tables, one TV, and one gaming console. No, really, that’s it.
  • DashCon proves they have possibly the worst PR team ever when addressing the WTNV cancellation. Instead of clearly explaining the situation, they say they “don’t want to get into it,” and then offer compensation for those who bought advanced seating tickets for the Night Vale show. What’s the compensation? An extra hour playing in the ball pit (which is really just a slowly-deflating children’s pool with some balls in it). Oh, and if there’s room, you may get one of the first-come-first-serve spots at the Time Crash concert happening tonight. Huzzah!
  • Most panels are completely disorganized. The “Name That Anime” panel was even handing out hotel mints as prizes for correctly answering questions like “what’s the anime where they fight with clothes!!!”
  • This still needs verification, but supposedly there are minors being let into the 18+ panels (like “BDSM 101”), which DashCon could easily get sued for allowing. Not that they have the money for it.
  • It’s been pointed out that as a Marriott hotel, the Renaissance would have required them to submit their full reservation payment 5 days in advance of the event. Therefore it’s very, very likely that the “$17,000 fundraising” was a huge scam. Because DashCon would’ve had to pay that money 5 days before this weekend or the event wouldn’t even be happening in the first place.
  • Furthermore, someone attempted to debunk the letter that DashCon posted to prove that the hotel asked for money. Not all their points are valid (i.e. “RE:” is commonly used for “Regarding”, not just in response to previous communication, and idk but this dude doesn’t strike me as an expert on internal Marriott stationary), but frankly the letter looks sketchy if only because 17000% 99% of it is whited out. Is it real? Is it fake? We just don’t know.
  • There has been no confirmation that the money donated in cash and via PayPal last night ever made it to the hotel (if that was indeed where it was intended to go).
  • People are demanding full or at least partial refunds. Needs verification, but purportedly DashCon has a list at the con where you can sign your name and the amount you donated to be refunded later. Which sounds like a totally effective and not at all easily-abused system.
  • Attendees are either in denial saying this is the best con ever or they’re crying and having panic attacks. Welcome to Tumblr.

And as a bonus: DashCon originally ran an IndieGoGo campaign last year to raise $5,000 to start their convention. They raised $4,000. The campaign ended in April 2013 and rewards have still not been sent out (which consisted of tea bags, a couple business cards with your Tumblr URL on them, and if you donated $500+, some knick-knacks from Etsy).

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If you don’t think the American dub of Sailor moon is a masterpiece then you aren’t no friend of mine



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Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.

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Conrad Jon Godly's incredible and dramatic mountain-scapes

are you kidding me

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oh, you say not all muslims are terrorists? imagine a bowl of m&m's.... oh, you say not all black people are criminals? imagine a bowl of m&m's.... oh, you say not all women cut their husbands' penises off and murder them while they sleep? imagine a bowl of m&m's.... oh, you say not all jewish people are greedy? imagine a bowl of m&m's....



My original quote was…

You say not all men are monsters?
Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned.
Go ahead. Eat a handful.
Not all M&Ms are poison.

This was merely an explanation of why women and female presenting folks are cautious of men. Especially after recent events.

But you want to take an analogy about an oppressive group and try substituting marginalized groups in their stead? I don’t see how that is the same.

I feel like you think you have a super clever “gotcha” point there, but honestly you are just being racist and using false equivalencies. 

Try replacing men with other oppressive groups and suddenly the analogy works again.

Not all CEOs are corrupt? 
Not all police use brutal force?
Not all of the conservative leadership are racist, sexist bags of crap? 
Not all of the congressional committees for reproductive rights are chaired by a bunch of old white dudes?
Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 98% of them are poison. 
Throw them up in the air and move to the moon. 

The analogy seems to still work when other oppressive groups are substituted. The way it was intended to be understood. 

Men are saying that women have no reason to fear them and are bad people if they do. Yet every woman has experienced harassment. Catcalled in the street. Many have been groped. Many face constant sexism in the workplace. And have you seen what happens when a woman opens an OKCupid account? Worst of all, 1 in 6 have been sexually assaulted. That is an astounding statistic.

Talk to pretty much any woman and you will find that they have not just one story of men scaring the bejesus out of them… they have many. This is not an insignificant problem where they can throw caution to the wind and start trusting all the menfolk. 

And when these shootings happened and it was revealed that a huge component of this person’s anger was that women rejected him, the prospect of merely rejecting the advances of men has become an even more frightening matter than it already was. 

Fear is not something easily controlled and you want to tell women to turn it off like a light switch? 

We are not properly educating our youth about consent. We are not properly teaching men that they have no entitlement to a woman’s body. We still have common phrases like, “Wearing her down” and “playing hard to get.” That Blurred Lines song was an anthem for dudebros across the nation.

Until we take major steps to destroy this attitude of entitlement, teach people that rejection is a normal part of life that should not be seen as some grave insult or a challenge to be conquered—woman and female presenting folks are going to have a cautious fear of men. 

If you want to stop being seen as a danger, the onus is on us as men. We need to start teaching each other how to stop seeing women as prizes to be won. We need to eliminate this culture of entitlement.

Froggie’s killin it


Titan-san is going to be late to his first day of anime school!

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This is a song about Manny and his friends

Elijah aka Idge wrote and performed NOT ONE but TWO albums dedicated to The Drunk and The Ugly, specifically our Mrs. Frieda’s Home for Terrible and Freakish Children campaign. His lyrics are super clever, his instrumentals are awesome, and the whole experience of having someone so talented use your work as inspiration is like a dream.

Every day I’m so thankful for my friends and for the people who love our stories enough to create wonderful works of their own. I’ve said it a few times before, but all I’ve ever wanted is to make things that inspire others to create as well. So thank you Idge, thank you to all the other fans who work so hard to show their love for our stories, you’ve literally made my dreams come true.


Terrible and Freakish EP

Halfway Home

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I’m kinda sick so i’m sorry if i make terrible spelling and grammar errors.

Something pretty cool happened! I looked over to that sidebar and saw that I have 202 followers! That really means a lot to me. I don’t reblog much, nor am I a huge part of any fandoms, but 202 of you have decided that I am pretty cool on my own merit and let me show up on your dashboards every now and then! So thank you!

If you’re a new follower, I’ll take a little time to introduce myself better. Hi!

I’m Amanda, or Mandaz. I’m a 24 year old art student from West Virginia who draws some stuff. Actually I mostly draw stuff. This is pretty much an art blog, though sometimes I’ll post things that are very important to me. Or pictures of my face if it’s doing something weird that day.

I am a part of The Drunk and the Ugly Roleplaying Podcast! Which has been getting a lot of new listeners and fans lately. If you are a DnU fan and are following me, WELCOME! Be sure to check that DnU RP tag for all sorts of art and probably a bunch of spoilers. If you don’t know what that is, you’re gonna be kinda confused. Basically my friends and I play a lot of tabletop style RPGs and record them for the internet to hear! Think of it like a radio show. With no script. And sometimes we roll dice. If that sounds like something you might like, check out these sweet links:

If you are here because you found my homestuck fanart that’s going around. WELCOME ALSO! I don’t draw much fanart, but when I do I hope you like it! I have a tag for it on my blog. I also have a few fantrolls that you might find cool. I dunno. I’m not a doctor.

If you are here because you met me in real life: congrats. I have trusted you with my nerdy tumblog. If you found it by accident but still know me in real life and are very confused about these bloody teenager drawings, please return to my portfolio tumblr and forget this ever happened:

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Goofy sings the Attack on Titan Opening



You probably got asked about this song by now… but can you “goof” up “Guren no Yumiya”, the opening song for “Attack on Titan”?

Since I have been asked to do this opening approximately EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES, welp, HERE YA GO.





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